die casting

The manufacturing of our molds and tools is done with the best technology, and nothing less can be said about our die casting process.


MALSA has a Foundry with furnaces with a capacity of 2,5 to/h, which are used in combination with an Argon degassing system in order to obtain an optium melting of the material.


This is our die casting machinery pool:


· 1 Bühler 900 Ton

· 2 Idra 700 Ton

· 1 Idra 560 Ton

· 1 Bühler 530 Ton

· 3 Bühler 400 Ton

· 3 Idra 320 Ton

· 1 Urpe 320 Ton

· 1 Idra 250 Ton


We are in addition pioneers in new technologies:


· SSR (Semi Solid Rheocasting): Aluminium die casting with innovative semi-solid procedure.

· Complete Die casting cells: Die casting machine + Automatic extraction of the parts with a robot + hydraulic press for punch deburring.

· Die Casting mold tempering and temperature control with water steam.