we care about sustainability

Not only are we concerned about the project budget, timing and quality, but also about reducing the impact our activity has on the environment. The company demonstrates this will to do things the wright way through the following facts:

· We only use 100% recycled aluminium.  All of the aluminium we use for the production of the parts comes from a remelting. In addition, all the auxiliary elements of the parts needed for the die casting process, like the runners, sprues, overflows… are remelted in our furnaces to obtain new parts. The high recyclability of this material is due to the following facts:

· Aluminium can be remelted over and over again and it will not lose any of its physical or chemical properties.

· The energy used to recycle aluminium represents just a 5% of the global energy needed for its primary production, consisting in the extraction is done by electrolysis of the alumina (aluminium oxide), which is obtained from bauxite ore.

· Recycling 1 tonne of Aluminium prevents Approximately the extraction of 5 tons of bauxite and the emission of 9 tons  of CO2. This way the recovery of the planet´s natural resources can be propitiated.