Machining and Surface Finishing

In order to provide a full service and provide our customers with ready-to-use parts, we have a machining section with 15 CNC machines of the most important brands in the market:

  • 1 CNC OKUMA Horizontal
  • 5 CNC MAZAK Horizontal
  • 1 CNC CHIRON Vertical
  • 1 CNC CHIRON Vertical with 4 axis
  • 2 CHIRON Vertical double spindle and 4 axis
  • 3 CNC KITAMURA Horizontal
  • 2 BROTHER Vertical with 4 axis

Furthermore, we have the following machinery to guarantee the best surface finishes on our parts:

  • Grinding robots with automated parts supply
  • Vibration and parts washing machines
  • Shot blasting machine

We work together with a select group of suppliers for applying any type of surface treatment to aluminium castings: Painting and Powder Coating, Impregnation, Anodising, Cataphoresis, Chromatising, etc..

This way, our customers receive completely finished parts ready for further processing.