We care about sustainability

MALSA not only ensures that our customers’ projects are carried out to the highest quality and within the agreed time and cost. Sustainability is also very important to us. The organisation’s concern for the environment is expressed in the following ways:

  • We only use 100% recycled raw materials. All the aluminium we use for the manufacture of our customers’ parts is from secondary fusion. Furthermore, all the auxiliary elements of the part in the die-casting process (gates, feed channels, overflows…), after being separated, are re-melted again to manufacture new parts. For every tonne of recycled aluminium we use, we avoid the extraction of 6 tonnes of bauxite and the emission of 9 tonnes of CO2.
  • 350 Kw of installed solar panel capacity by 2023. Using natural resources, and with our photovoltaic installation we avoid the emission of up to 275 tonnes of CO2 per year into the atmosphere ” up to 15% of our consumption comes from clean and renewable energy”