About us

Since the Company was founded in 1989, MALSA has always been driven by the aim of implementing the great knowledge and experience of our professionals in every field of our Industry. This has allowed us to obtain always the maximum potential from the technologies involved in the High Pressure Die Casting of Aluminum alloys. 

As MALSA developed, the concepts of evolution and change took deep roots in the Organization. The strategic approach of the Board aligned with the “Continuous Improvement”, fact that promoted the progression of our Manufacturing process. We left the low-to-medium difficulty parts sector to undertake much more ambitious projects. Nowadays, we manufacture high performance and high complexity molds and tools that allow us to produce far more complex parts, with very precise technical specifications and fairly demanding tightness requirements. 

After this great technical improvement, we realized that this product and manufacturing process quality we had reached  could not keep developing without the corresponding Quality Management System. Therefore, we decided to adjust the existing Management System to the ISO 9001 international standard, whose certificate was obtained for the first time in 1999, and whose recertification and has been mantained in effect since then.

Although the implementation of the ISO 9001 Standard opened MALSA the doors of new and prestigious clients and raised the turnover considerably, the Board knew that MALSA could not afford staying in this comfort zone and had to keep improving day after day. Hence, at beginning of 2016 the Company took the path of the IATF 16949 (old ISO TS 16949). This standard in which we were certified at the beginning of 2018, has not only enabled the Company to enter new markets, but also has helped us meeting the quality reuqirements of the Automotive Industry.

Only by means of ensuring product quality (through the best manufacturing technologies) and management process quality (through an Integrated Quality Management), will MALSA be able to fulfill the market expectations.